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- Contact Form Introduction -

Consider the kind of identity and “feel” you want your logo and brand to have, and in your request, communicate this vision as best as you can along with what kind of business or services your logo is for. Do you want your brand to be something energetic and fast? Vintage and classic? Fun and whimsical? Simple and refined? The story your logo and brand tells is equally as important as how it looks, and is essential for me as the designer to know in order to help you tell that story as effectively as I can. Feel free of course to request specific elements such as figures or objects to depict as well if you have some in mind, but knowing the story you want your logo and brand to tell is the most essential thing for me to know first and foremost in order for me to produce the best product for you.


Please feel free to be as detailed in your request as you’d like; the more details, the better!​ After receiving your request, I'll be happy to speak with you and start the process of helping your brand come to life.

(Consultation and price quoting is free of charge!)

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